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This is the Help & Support page for LyreAcademy's students and users. Before sending us your inquiry via email, please go through our regularly updated FAQs section below.

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How to enter the classroom for a course I have purchased? (video)

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I don't know my level! Which course to choose?
It might be difficult to choose a course for the first time, but you can start by reading the courses' descriptions and watching the video presentations to help you decide which level is best for you.

What's more, please check our quick guide to determine what courses suit best your level by clicking here.

In case you still have questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with us by clicking here and we will help you find the perfect course for your needs.

How to manually cancel my subscription? (video)

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Where can I buy access for the courses?

You can purchase access for all our courses, by visiting enroll to a course page.

You can purchase access to whole semesters (course bundles), by clicking here: Beginner Semester | Intermediate Semester | Advanced Semester.

Have in mind that access to any course or semester is sold as a membership, i.e. there is an initial fee to subscribe for the first X months (3 to 12 months, depending to what course or semester you choose), and then there is a recurring subscription fee for each additional month. Student / user needs to cancel his membership for any course or bundle in order to stop the recurring subscription.

I have never played an instrument. Is it really the beginner level courses suitable for me?

Certainly yes! By following the suggested sequence of the beginners' courses (such as Lyre 101, Lyre 102 and Lyre 103), you will start from zero with how to hold, how to tune, how to play and how to experiment with each instrument. 

At the end of these courses, you will have a perfect understanding of your ancient instrument, and you will be able to play well-known tunes, use both your hands, improvise and many more!

Is my lyre suited for the courses?

Students can follow the courses with a lyre or a kithara with seven or more strings. Simple and step-by-step videos are available to prepare your lyre for the classes, including tuning.

In a nutshell, you can use every lyre as long as it complies with the following:

  • It has seven (7) strings in a row that you can tune like this G, A, B, C, D, E, and F.
  • You have access with both hands to these seven strings.

As you advance to your lyre studies, you will realize that a lyre having specific characteristics as opposed to others can further support you to advance your playing with ease and efficiency. On the other hand, not having them is not a "deal-breaker," and you can always upgrade to a better lyre as you gradually improve.

An example is having high-quality strings such as sugarcane or gut strings instead of nylon or metallic ones. The latter is harder to cope with and more challenging to use different playing techniques (such as harmonics).

Are there any time limitations?

As soon as you register and purchase a course, you receive access to the whole course and all its lessons so you can progress at your own pace.

Your instructor suggests a time-frame for each course (one-week per lesson, except otherwise stated), but it is really your choice!

For each course, the academy provides you with enough time to complete the lessons, but you can extend that time as much as you like with a small recurring subscription ($29 per month for each additional month). 

Canceling your subscription to a course or semester.

Each course or semester is considered to be a membership, in the sense that it gives access to exclusive premium content only to its members. In every membership, there is always a small recurring subscription to ensure that you still have access to the content you want for as many months as you need.

This also means that after the initial period of time (3, 6, 8 or 12 months depending on your course or semester) your bank is going to automatically charge you. To avoid the latter, you have to manually cancel your membership by visiting this page.

Be careful though, as the moment you cancel your membership, you will lose access to the course/semester too!

So, in brief, when you cancel a subscription:

1. You lose access to all the lessons of that particular course or semester.

2. You ensure that you will not be charged by your bank for that particular course or semester again (no recurring fees anymore)!

* The initial payment for each course or semester is for granting you immediate access to the whole educational material (all the lessons, videos, handouts, supplementary audio, etc.). In that sense, there can be no refunds for any initial payment.

Do you offer face to face courses and workshops?

LyreAcademy is mainly an online institution, but we do offer amazing opportunities for face to face courses and workshops that take place mainly in Greece. Stay in touch by subscribing to our newsletter, and we will share with you exciting news as they become available!

Do you offer one-by-one lessons?

Our goal is to provide top-quality and smile-inducing courses for ancient musical instruments, in order to help you become the music player you always wanted to be. Additionally to the provided courses, LyreAcademy will soon offer one-by-one teaching opportunities. Stay tuned by subscribing to our newsletter!

Can I download the courses?

Each course and lesson comes with a video and supplementary material. It is prohibited to download the video, but you can download the supplementary material (in the form of a .pdf) for your personal use only. Sharing any content with any third party is prohibited.

What exactly means that my membership is 3, 6 or 12 months long?

Each standalone course comes with a 3months full-access, meaning 90 calendar days. 

Our beginner and advanced semester come with a 6months full-access, meaning 180 calendar days.

Our intermediate semester comes with an 8months full-access, meaning 240 calendar days. 

Our Full Year Studies comes with a 12months full-access, meaning 365 calendar days. 

course and lesson comes with a video and supplementary material. It is prohibited to download the video, but you can download the supplementary material (in the form of a .pdf) for your personal use only. Sharing any content with any third party is prohibited.