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An online educational institution specialising in the study and practice of the ancient music heritage. We offer structured education for learning to play ancient-inspired musical instruments such as lyre, ancient kithara, epigonion, frame-drums, pandura, etc.

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Top-notch workshops for professional musicians, seeking to add rare playing techniques to their repertoire.

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In-depth understanding of how top players came to be who they are.

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Ancient Melodies


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Ancient Modes







Muting technique


Music theory


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What Standalone courses can I choose from?


Down to the Basics

Lyre 101 (8 Lessons)

All you need to know to start having fun with your lyre. Learn to play three ancient tunes & a Metallica song!

Suggested Time: 8 weeks


Two-handed Playing

Lyre 102 (8 Lessons)

Adding the left hand makes a world of difference! Learn arpeggios, basic harmonics, and three great songs. 

Suggested Time: 8 weeks


Rhythm and Lyre

Lyre 103 (8 Lessons)

For Plato, music needs rhythm to find its way to the secret places of the soul. Add rhythm to your playing and learn three more songs!

Suggested Time: 8 weeks


Music Theory on a Lyre

Lyre 200 (8 Lessons)

Learn music theory (in a smile-inducing way) as the ancient Greeks used to: on a lyre! Learn how to read sheet music, rhythm, rests, etc. and unlock your lyre-learning potential!

Suggested Time: 8 weeks


Play Chords on a Lyre

Lyre 201 (8 Lessons)

It’s time to gain an amazing skill that will make you a well-rounded lyre player. Master your chords playing by learning great songs such as “The Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Amelie”, etc.

Suggested Time: 8 weeks


Muting Technique on a Lyre

Lyre 202 (7 Lessons)

According to historians, muting was the most common way of playing the lyre in ancient Greece. Learn a new skill while playing Vivaldi's “The Four Seasons”, "The Epitaph of Seikilos", etc.

Suggested Time: 7 weeks


Ancient Modes on a Lyre

Lyre 203 (9 Lessons)

This is your chance to make your lyre playing sound more… ancient! Learn all seven ancient modes (Dorios, Phrygios, etc.) plus nine ancient-inspired melodies! 

Suggested Time: 9 weeks


6 Ancient Melodies

Lyre 301 (7 Lessons)

Step by step instruction on how to play the most impressive ancient melodies that survive until today in just one course, by combining advanced lyre playing techniques. 

Suggested Time: 7 weeks


8 Modern Melodies

Lyre 302 (8 Lessons)

Impress your audience by mastering several playing techniques. Learn to play songs by Metallica, Kansas, Céline Dion, Louis Armstrong, and more!

Suggested Time: 8 weeks


Advanced Lyre Playing

Lyre 303 (6 Lessons)

Master advanced techniques such as harmonics, eighth & sixteenth notes, arpeggios, fast-tempo, and polyphonic playing while learning well-known melodies such as “Eine kleine Nachtmusik” by W. A. Mozart, and “The Last of the Mohicans”!

Suggested Time: 7 weeks


Ancient Kithara: A Kick-Start

Kithara 101k (9 Lessons)

Learn to play one of the most impressive ancient musical instruments. Learn various playing techniques along with ancient rhythms and two ancient melodies!

Suggested Time: 9 weeks


Ancient Kithara: Next Level

Kithara 102k (7 Lessons)

Advance your kithara playing by further improving your movable crossbar technique, chord playing, and arpeggios. Learn how to play five more ancient Greek melodies!

Suggested Time: 7 weeks

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