Inspiring courses on the world’s ancient music heritage

LyreAcademy is an online educational institution specializing in the study, practice and research of ancient music heritage. We offer structured education (both online and offline) for learning to play ancient musical instruments such as lyre, epigonion, bendir, tympanon, pandura, and etc.

There is no benefit when music stands secret and hidden.

- Lucian -

Premium Courses on Ancient Musical Instruments

We are working with deeply committed music instructors and world-renowned ancient music performers on more than 200 lessons!

Our institution aims to provide courses in three different levels (beginner, intermediate, and advanced) along with masterclasses in the performance of ancient-inspired musical instruments, singing, composition, as well as academic fields such as music theory, music history, etc.

What musical instruments will be part of our academy?

Our curriculum will consist of courses on a variety of musical instruments that comes from different ancient civilizations such as ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt, etc. 

Lyre / Kithara / Epigonion / Harp / Pandura / Barbiton / Phorminx / Frame Drum (Tympanon - Bendir) / Kinnor Lyre / Aulos / Diaulos / Sambuca / Lyre of Hur / Duduk / Askaulos (bagpipe) / Idiophones / Pythagoras' Monochord 

Deeply Immersive Courses Never Taught Before

This is only an indicative list of courses and masterclasses that the LyreAcademy will offer during its first two years. As more professional music teachers, performers and academics become part of this institution, our curriculum’s diversity will grow further. But what are the courses' levels, and what kind of topics will be taught in our academy?


No music experience at all. Just grab an instrument, and learn from scratch.


Your path to perfection. The ability to play basic melodies and read music scores is a prerequisite. 


Classes for skilled musicians seeking to become professional ancient music performers! 


Top-notch workshops for professional musicians, seeking to add rare playing techniques to their repertoire. 


indicative list
of courses

Lyre: Down to the basics (beginner)

Lyre: Preparing my first live performance (advanced)

Lyre: The Ultimate Harmonics (advanced)

Theory: Unlocking the “Aristoxenus’ Elements of Music” (intermediate)

Teaching: Use Pythagoras’ Monochordo for Modern Music Teaching (intermediate)

How to Become an Ancient Greek Bard: Learn 8 core myths of Ancient Greek Mythology and how to accompany them with your lyre (advanced)

Healing Music: Prepare to play for those in need such as elderly houses, chronic disease patients, etc. (advanced)

indicative list
of courses

Phorminx: The endless possibilities of a movable yoke (portamento, tremolo) (advanced)

Discover your Ancient Voice: How to find your voice spectrum, tune your lyre, and choose the right songs for your signing (advanced)

Kithara of the Golden Age: The endless possibilities of a movable yoke (vibrato, portamento, tremolo) (advanced)

How to PLay the Frame Drum: An Introduction (beginner)

Frame Drum: The 8 Core Basic Rhythms (intermediate)

Frame Drum: Ancient Greek Rhythms & the Metric System (advanced)

Frame Drum: Different Playing Techniques through the Mediterranean Sea (masterclass)

Pandura of the Outcasrs: Basic Techniques at an ancient fret string instrument (beginner)

Beginners Exercises on the Lyre: Eight exercises to practice your lyre playing (beginner)

Advanced Exercises on the Lyre: Eight exercises to practice your lyre playing (advanced)

Advanced Exercises on the Lyre: Eight exercises to practice your lyre playing (advanced)

Lyre and Harmonics: Your Starting Point for acquiring an advanced technique (intermediate)

Lyre and Chords: Learn How to Play Chords on the lyre with a string mute technique (intermediate)

Lyre for Yoga Exercise: Learn how to accompany Yoga lessons and practicioners (advanced)

Do you want to study with us? Enrolment starts soon! 

We are currently working on finalizing our first 10 courses, which will be available soon. At the same time, we design the next to come.

Stay tuned if you want to be among the first to enroll!

Until then, here is a sneak peek at what you will learn by studying with our deeply committed music teachers and world-renowned performers!

We cannot teach people anything;

we can only help them discover it within themselves.

- Galileo Galilei -