Inspiring courses on the world’s ancient music heritage

LyreAcademy is an online educational institution specializing in the study, practice and research of ancient music heritage. We offer structured education (both online and offline) for learning to play ancient musical instruments such as lyre, epigonion, bendir, tympanon, pandura, and etc.

There is no benefit when music stands secret and hidden.

- Lucian -

Premium Courses on Ancient Musical Instruments

We are working with deeply committed music instructors and world-renowned ancient music performers on more than 200 lessons!

Our institution aims to provide courses in three levels (beginner, intermediate, and advanced) along with masterclasses in the performance of ancient-inspired musical instruments, singing, composition, as well as music theory, music history, etc.

What musical instruments will be part of our academy?

Our curriculum will consist of courses on a variety of musical instruments that comes from different ancient civilizations such as ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt, etc. 

Lyre / Kithara / Epigonion / Harp / Pandura / Barbiton / Phorminx / Frame Drum (Tympanon - Bendir) / Kinnor Lyre / Aulos / Diaulos / Sambuca / Lyre of Hur / Duduk / Askaulos (bagpipe) / Idiophones / Pythagoras' Monochord 

We cannot teach people anything;

we can only help them discover it within themselves.

- Galileo Galilei -